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                                           Mother Nature Taijiquan Inherits Taiji Culture
                                                                              By Li Ping 
                                                      Science and Technology Daily Aug. 30, 2012

Wudang Mountain International Taiji Culture Forum—Mother Nature Taijiquan and Its Journey in China was held in Wudang Mountain. This forum was hosted by Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center from Shunyi District of Beijing. Among over 100 people who attended the forum are scholars from Hong Kong, special Administrative Region of China, and from over ten countries, such as Malaysia, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Russia, and Britain, leaders from many walks of life, famous Chinese martial art experts, scholars of health preservation, and entrepreneurs. They did exploratory research into taijiquan together and tried to find better ways to make use of and spread taiji culture.
Mr. Hu Xilong, who has been deeply in love with marital arts ever since his childhood and the master and creator of Mother Nature taijiquan, acknowledges Mr. Pang Ming as his master, the great scholar of Chinese classic culture. Mr. Hu has devoted himself to various kinds of practice over the years that are related to the art of healing, health preservation, taiji gongfu, and he has his own achievements. Mr. Hu created Mother Nature taijiquan easy to learn and suitable for both old and young people. This taiji method allows practitioners to practice both internal and external qi; its actions are both powerful and soft, allowing connection of the substantial (form) and the void (qi). It focuses mainly on the upward movement, downward movement, opening, closing movement, as well as spiral movement to mobilize qi and blood in the human body and make passages of vital energy well connected and smoothly circulate, make acupoints in the whole body open, and develop people’s potentials.
All experts having taken part in the forum agreed that, in the academic theory, Mother Nature Taijiquan attaches importance to upward and downward movements, opening and closing movements, outgoing and incoming movements, congregating and dispersing movements, and changing movement of taiji energy. The whole set of actions is natural and smooth in design and is easy for learning and convenient for popularization. This makes taijiquan, a kind of very well-known traditional way of marital arts and health preservation methods with a rather long history in China, focus on such aspects as health care, benefiting more people and merging in people’s daily life (i.e., improving health rather than on fighting, on benefiting more people rather than on only small groups of practitioners, on making taiji practice more related to and done in daily life than merely on regular practice in a particular place and at a particular time). Mother Nature Taijiquan gives prominence to information communication and energy exchange between humans and Mother Nature. It deeply develops self-treatment and self-heal potentials.