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       Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center Established in Shunyi District in Beijing  

                                                          Source: Sport Bureau of Shunyi District 
                                                                              Apr. 18, 2012

On Apr. 13, the grand ceremony celebrating the establishment of Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center was held in Modern Institute in Shunyi District. Among those attending the ceremony were Deputy Director Yang Jinmeng from Administration of Sports, Deputy Director Li Yongsheng from Bureau of Civil Affairs. Some other leaders also came and joined the celebration.
At the celebration ceremony, Section Chief Lin Hua from Administration of Sports read out loud Reply from Administration of Sports to Application for Establishing Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center in Shunyi District in Beijing, Acceptance Decision of Bureau of Civil Affairs of Shunyi for Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center’s Administrative Licensing, and Decision for Administrative Licensing. Miss Chen Xueya from Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center announced Name List of Officers in the Center as well as Charter of the Center. Yang Jinmeng, Deputy Director of Administration of Sports, gave congratulations to the meeting and spoke highly of the significance of the center’s establishment for promoting the sport of taijiquan in Shunyi District, for enriching citizens’ health enhancement activities, and for inheriting and carrying forward Chinese traditional sport. He also expressed clearly his request that, according to direction of the committee and government of the district to promote sports, culture and economy, the Center helps serve harmonious steady development of society and reinforces formation of such good habit as regular physical training among people in Shunyi after the center’s establishment.
The establishment of Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center in Shunyi District inherits and develops Chinese traditional physical training culture and further pushes forward mass sports in this district. It satisfies the increasing demand for building up body by means of sports among people in the whole district and provides an exchange platform for the very many taijiquan fans.