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                     Mother Nature Therapy Asks for Good Health from Mother Nature 
                                                                    By Liu Yubao and Li Wenzhu 

                                                     People’s Daily Overseas Edition Sep. 24, 2009

Mother Nature Therapy written by Mr. Hu Xilong, a well-known doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, has been published by Ancient Chinese Medical Book Press. The author Mr. Hu Xilong has attained distinguished achievements in traditional Chinese medicine, Daoist life health preservation, taiji culture and so on and so forth.
In this book, Mr. Hu introduced a type of therapy called Mother Nature Therapy. It is established on the foundation of the holistic life conception of “Universe and Human Harmony”. It believes that nature and universe, including mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, flowers, grasses, trees as well as humans, all have their own energy and information. The energy field and information field of all creatures can influence each other. Humans can fully mobilize and use the energy field and information field of Mother Nature or the universe to adjust their own energy field and information field. In this way, humans can improve their potentials of self heal so as to enhance their own physical and mental health.