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                                            Ask for Health from Mother Nature
                                                                              By Zhao Wen 
                                                                               Jul. 8, 2009

Mother Nature is where human beings live. It is also the foundation on which we human beings depend. However, with the development of modern science and technology, people’s mind and body are becoming farther and farther away from Mother Nature. More and more people are in a condition of sub-health, and many difficult and complicated syndromes are difficult to cure relying merely on doctors. Prof. Hu Xilong, who was born in a family dedicated to traditional Chinese medicine, has researched and found a set of methods using pure natural means to achieve people’s physical and mental health according to traditional Chinese health preservation methods as well as his years of traditional Chinese medicine treatment experience and his health-enhancing knowledge through learning and practice. Hence is born Mother Nature Therapy. What is advocated in this book is a call to people to go back to Mother Nature and get back their health from Mother Nature’s embrace.
What Mother Nature Therapy has introduced in this book is established on the theoretical basis of the holistic life concept focused on “harmony between human and universe (or nature)”. It is believed in Mother Nature Therapy that nature, including mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, flowers, grasses, trees, humans and so on, all have their own energy and information. The energy field and information field of all creatures can influence each other. Therefore, humans can fully mobilize and use the energy field and information field of Mother Nature to adjust their own physical and psychological conditions and improve their own potentials of self heal so as to improve people’s health constitution.
Mother Nature advocates that people go to Mother Nature to enhance their health condition. It asks people to go to the forests, the seas, the green mountains and clear rivers, to the environment in Mother Nature where the air is fresh; it asks people to improve their health level using the favorable and positive factors endowed to humans by Mother Nature and to get back their health.
In addition, Mother Nature Therapy also includes some good methods having been proven very effective through practice. These methods are obtained from Chinese traditional and modern health preservation methods. They can efficiently improve patients’ physical and mental constitution. For example, Chinese massage therapy, acupoint therapy, biomimetic therapy, breathing therapy, all of which share the same origin with traditional Chinese health preservation methods. What should be particularly pointed out is that Mother Nature Therapy also created a special “Keeping Good Shape Method” according to the demand in society of losing weight and getting into good shape. Practitioners do not need to take medicine, nor do they need to do strenuous exercise to get good effects.
Mother Nature Therapy includes such eight chapters as Mother Nature Energy Therapy, Mother Nature Massage Therapy, Mother Nature Qi Channel Therapy, Mother Nature Biomimetic Therapy and Mother Nature Breathing Therapy that are not difficult to learn. Reading through the whole book can not only deepen our understanding of traditional Chinese medical theories, but also, and more important, help us grasp some Mother Nature therapeutic methods and feel more joy of life.
This book has made new attempt in developing excellent Chinese traditional and modern health care and health preservation culture, esp. in reaching and discovering the essence of “human-and-universe whole entity” to adapt to the demand from people in modern society for Health.