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                                                    Mother Nature Therapy Calls on People 
                              to Go to Mother Nature to Preserve Personal Health 
                                                   By Li Gang from Science and Technology Daily

                                                                                 Jul. 2, 2009
Prof. Hu Xilong, a doctor born in a family devoted to the learning of traditional Chinese medicine for generations, who has learned from famous grand master of Chinese classic learning, and who has travelled all over Europe and Asia to help and teach people about life science and cure diseases for them, recently held a ceremony in Beijing celebrating the first publication of his book Mother Nature Therapy.
In his book, he proclaims that people should go to embrace Mother Nature to cultivate their lives. He calls on people to go to the seaside, to the green mountains and clear rivers, to places with very fresh air and to fully make use of the positive stimulating factors endowed to us by Mother Nature to improve human beings’ level of health.
Prof. Hu Xilong has been nourished in the culture of Chinese life cultivation ever since his childhood. After having systematically studied traditional Chinese medicine and psychology, after having deeply explored and researched "naturopathy" which is becoming increasingly popular in western countries, Mr. Hu Xilong has accumulated a great deal of revelation in natural health enhancement and health preservation and has written his years of experiences in Mother Nature Therapy.
Prof. Hu’s Mother Nature Therapy has a certain differences from western naturopathy. The guiding ideology of naturopathy considered by western countries as alternative medicine deeply believes in self-heal ability in the human body. Its principles include educating patients to adopt healthy life styles, improving healing capacity in their own body and using natural and nontoxic therapies, such as trophotherapy, musicotherapy, forest therapy, hydrotherapy, and some physiotherapy.
Mother Nature Therapy actively studies and uses new medical treatment conceptions and methods from abroad as a source of reference. It also inherits extensive, profound and exquisite legacy of traditional Chinese medicine as its essence, e.g., naturopathy in the broad sense among folks (including Chinese massage, scraping, and cupping), methods that build up the human body in the form of martial arts such as taijiqua that was invented by ancient Chinese, and some diagnostic methods and ways of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine used by Bian Que and Hua Tuo, who were magical ancient traditional Chinese medicine doctors. Prof. Hu has "excavated" from them many “medical knacks” having been proven effective in people’s practice.
Mother Nature Therapy has vivid and excellent pictures and illustrations. It is easy to learn and safe for practice. Among its many practicing methods, Chinese massage therapy, channels and collaterals therapy, acupoint therapy, biomimetic therapy and breathing therapy are all created after Prof. Hu has researched and practiced again and again for more than ten years. These methods are easy to learn and practice and have very evident effects.
At the ceremony celebrating the first publication of Mother Nature Therapy, the reporter of the news knew from what patients talked about that anti-cancer taijiquan created by Prof. Hu for cancer patients has mixed essence of health preservation in it. It has the very good effect of improving human immunity.