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                                                To ask for Health from Mother Nature 
                                       Mother Nature Therapy First Published in Beijing
                                                            By Zhao Peng and Wu Guangsheng 
                                                            China Internet Union Jun. 28, 2009

A new book that calls on people “to demand health from Mother Nature” and entitled Mother Nature Therapy has now been formally published and issued by Traditional Chinese Medicine Ancient Books Publishing House. On the 27th of June, the ceremony of first publication was held in Green-Environment and Good-Luck Center.
Reporters have learned from the ceremony what is emphasized in Mother Nature Therapy: Mother Nature is the space and place in which human beings reside and the foundation upon which we rely for our living. Yet with the development of modern science and technology, people’s physical and mental health condition is getting farther and farther away from Mother Nature and the number of people who suffer from subhealth is on the rise. Many difficult and complicated syndromes are hard for doctors to cure. Author of the book Mr. Hu Xilong, after having done deep research in naturopathies getting increasingly popular in western countries, and according to Chinese traditional health preservation methods and his years of traditional Chinese medical treatment experiences and his knowledge and experience of healthcare, has found out a set of methods using pure natural means to achieve physical and mental health.
According to introductions in the ceremony, naturopathies in western countries have already been considered as alternative medicine of western medicine and there are currently trophotherapy, musicotherapy, forest therapy, hydrotherapy, and some other types of physiotherapy. Whereas in China, naturopathies have a rather long history and their own system. For instance, some methods that help build up body such as martial arts and taijiquan invented by ancient Chinese, some traditional Chinese medical diagnostic and treatment methods used by ancient traditional Chinese medicine doctors with Bian Que and Hua Tuo as important representatives, and natural therapeutic methods such as Chinese massage, scraping and cupping, are still passed on and extensively used today.
Mother Nature Therapy advocates that people go to Mother Nature to improve their health. It guides people to go to the forests, to the seaside, to the environment in Mother nature where there are green mountains, clear rivers and fresh air. Hence people can improve their health level with the favorable and positive factors endowed to humans by Mother Nature and get back their better health. This book includes Sea Therapy, Mountain Therapy, Forest Therapy, Big Tree Therapy, Waterfall Therapy, Warm Spring Therapy, Big Land Therapy, Blue Sky Therapy, and so on. Mother Nature Therapy is easy to learn. It has its own special features and is very applicable.