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                              Mother Nature Taiji Culture Tour


Date: Jun.7 to Jun. 30, 2014


Yellow Mountain ( Jun.7 to Jun. 9, 2014 ):

Sightsee Yellow Mountain Scenic Spots, 1000-years old Villages, Taiping Lake, and training center.

Learn and practice Mountain Therapy, Lake Therapy and Mother Nature Taiji.


                                                        Yellow Mountain


                                                       1000-year old village 


Guilin ( Jun. 10 to Jun. 14, 2014 ):

Sightsee Li River, Yangshuo and Minority culture Villages.

Learn and practice Earth Therapy, Sky Therapy, Moon Therapy and Mother Nature Taiji.


                                                              Li River


                                                          Terraced Fields


Wudang Mountain ( Jun. 15 to Jun. 22, 2014 ):

Sightsee Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot, Taiji Lake and ancient Taoist Temples.

Practice Taiji in the temples; Communicate with accomplished Taoist monk and experience authentic Daoism culture. Learn and practice Meridian Therapy and Breathe Therapy.

Learn and practice Wudang internal martial arts and Taoist regimen from famous Master.


                                                          Wudang Mountain


                                                       Purple Cloud Temple


Xi’an ( Jun. 23 to Jun. 25, 2014 ):

Sightsee Terrecotta Warriors, ancient palace, ancient city wall and Shanxi History Museum.

Practice standing meditation and Taiji.


                                                            Dayan Tower


                                                         Terrecotta Warriors


Jiuhua Mountain ( Jun.26 to Jun. 29, 2014 ):

Sightsee Jiuhua Moutain Scenic Spot and Buddhist temples.

Communicate with advanced monks about Buddhism culture and experience authentic Zen meditation. Learn and practice Forest Therapy, Tree Therapy and Taiji.


                                          Jiuhua Mountain Ksitigarbha Ceremony


                                                          Jiuhua Mountain


Yellow Moutain ( Jun. 30, 2014 ):

Rest and Summarize the tour.

Price: 23,000CNY, including training, meals, accommodation, tickets and tour transport. The accommodation standard is 2 persons sharing a room. If requiring only 1 person for a room, the additional cost is 2200CNY.