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                       Mother Nature Taiji Primary Instructor Training


Date: Jul.1 to Jul.24, 2014

Place: Yellow Moutain

Content: Mother Nature Taiji, Mother Nature Therapy, Taiji Internal Exercise.

Goal: Training participants to be qualified instructor, and the instructor needs to acquire skills as followings:


1, Learn the theory of Mother Nature Taiji deeply. Understand the oneness of universe and human beings, balance of Yin and Yang, and oneness of body, qi and mind.


2, Master the skill of exchanging information and energy with Mother Nature, and develop the potential of self-healing.


3, Understand modern science, philosophy, psychology and religions from a new and holistic perspective, and have much more love and hope of the nature, society and life.


4, Study and master some specific Mother Nature Therapy to deal with the common illness such as diabetes, arthritis, joints pain, insomnia, depression and etc.


5, Watch or experience the ESP experiments, and know more about eastern mystery.


6, Good instructors will have the chances of working in our training centers in China or foreign countries.


Price: 15,000CNY, including training, meals and accommodation. The accommodation standard is 2 persons sharing a room. If requiring only 1 person for a room, the additional cost is 1500CNY.


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