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Daziran Taiji QuanDawn of a new era

Bruno-Maria Brys

Sep. 15, 2013

A new form of Taiji Quan, Daziran Taiji Quan, developed by the famous Master, healer and teacher, Hu Xi Long, is quickly gaining Momentum in China. Spreading rapidly, it is touching the lives of more and more people. Master Hu has studied and practised all branches of traditional Chinese culture, such as the Yijing, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian Traditions, as well as the more recent scientific developments that emerged out of those traditional gems. His thorough grasp of the wisdom hidden in these treasures led to the birth of what he aptly called…Daziran Taiji Quan.

He could have called it “Taiji Quan, Hu style”. But he didn’t…he called it “Daziran Taiji Quan”. What is the significance of this? Below I would like to reflect on this question.

In ancient times different schools of Taiji Quan developed and resulted in different forms, such as Yang or Chen style, to name but two of the most famous. In those days the general level of consciousness and the means to express and transfer this consciousness were limited. So, in order to assure that the power hidden in these practices could not be abused and have adverse effects, it was necessary to strictly control the path of transmission: the secrets were passed on through a one-to-one process within the family tradition over many centuries. The inevitable result was that this knowledge was a privilege.

Today, we have a totally different situation. The common level of education is much higher than in those ancient times; concepts can be readily grasped and spread. This goes hand in hand with a growing awareness of our common destiny as a human race, transcending all boundaries of nationality and race. The name Daziran Taiji Quan implicates that it belongs to everyone; no matter how we grew up or where we came from, we are all children of Mother Nature. In Daziran Taiji Quan practitioners connect to Mother Nature and the origin of life to consciously strengthen the innate life-force. It is this connection to Mother Nature that leads to a more harmonious, balanced and happier life on a physical, emotional and mental level. This is the individual benefit of practice. But this benefit also manifests itself in the social plane, resulting in a more harmonious family life and a better integration in the society at large. Finally, the practice also leads to a holistic lifestyle in accordance with the laws of nature as postulated by one of the greatest sages of all time, Lao Tse: Humankind conforms to Heaven, Heaven conforms to the Subtle Origin and the Subtle Origin conforms to its own nature.  At a time where the pursuit of modern life with all its technological advances causes great strain on the environment all over the world, but particularly in China, nothing could be more meaningful than the revival of such ancient wisdom in an all-encompassing global movement. One therefore can only applaud the Chinese government for the foresight it displays in officially embracing and supporting the wide-spread expansion of Daziran Taiji Quan.

Integrating the pearls of wisdom from ancient times - leaving behind those elements steeped in secrecy and superstition that do not hold up under scientific scrutiny - Daziran Taiji Quan goes beyond tradition; equally important to preserving the cultural heritage is the forward orientation that will be spearheaded by scientific research. It is still early days, as Daziran Taiji Quan has only just embarked on its journey. Even so, the emergence of a new life-science that will far exceed the scope of what the fore fathers in ancient times could fathom, is just around the corner. A new dimension is starting to open up that will bring the flower of self-realisation to an unprecedented bloom on an individual, societal and planetary level.

In its research centre Daziran Taiji Quan is set to investigate the universal laws that hold the key to life. This research has only one objective: to enable the full expression of human potential. As this starts to unfold, as scientific discoveries in the life-science plane start to change the way in which we lead our daily lives, we will experience the dawn of a new culture…the dawn of a new era!