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             I Learn Mother Nature Taijiquan Life Science at the Lake of Thousand Islands 
Chen Denglian 
                                                                                 Mar. 8, 2013

                                                                         Life science seminar and 
                                                          Nine days by the Lake of Thousand Islands. 
                                                                          I learn taiji true gongfu; 
                                                    I travel and cultivate to be a “celestial being” as well. 
                                                          How good are the theory and methods and 
                                                         How to cultivate Dao Mr. Hu also teaches us. 
                                                                   The true gem our teacher gives us. 
                                                       I make up my mind to study hard and learn it well. 
                                                                    Personal healthiness is something. 
                                                                People’s healthiness is something more. 
                                                                  I will squeeze time to promote it and 
                                                            Make contributions to society and the world.