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                                     Mother Nature Taiji Is a Great Branch of Learning,

                                      Great Practice and Great Health Culture 
                                                                     Luo Jing
                                                                               Mar. 8, 2013








In the spring of 2013, I attended Mother Nature Taijiquan Life Science Seminar and benefited a great deal from it. Through practicing Mother Nature Taijiquan, I began to feel both pliable and tough in the body and more relaxed in the mind. Preliminary practice of taijiquan internal gongfu allowed me to feel the pouring in of qi and the interactive communication between the internal and external taiji energy. Additionally, what is really shocking to me is Mr. Hu’s lectures—he has an easy way of speaking, magnanimous, full of witty remarks like strings of pearls. Listening to his lecture is like drinking the most desirable drinks and tasting the most savory honey. Mr. Hu knows what learners think and what we feel puzzled about. He teaches us Dao, helps enlighten our inner being, and refreshes and fills us with wisdom. He makes me re-recognize Mother Nature Taiji: It is not just a simple means to make big group of people physically healthy, nor is it just a kind of miraculous marital art which brings relatively quick success. It is a great branch of science, great practical practice and great health culture socially beneficial.
I. Mother Nature Taiji is not only great medical science that treats and saves people who suffer from sickness, but is also great science enhancing human’s life functions.
Currently, series of social problems such as food security, groundwater pollution, air with high pollution level cause various strange diseases hard to guard against. Difficult and complex diseases are too numerous to count. When we face the unavoidable process brought by development at top speed in society, how to become the fittest and survive well becomes a big question. Years of practice carried out by big numbers of practitioners show that Mother Nature Taiji has the miraculous effects of self-treatment and self-recovery. It creates brand-new medical model and brings new hope of life to the great number of patients. Mother Nature Taiji (MNT) does not repel modern medicine. On the contrary, it respects western medicine which has been prosperously developing for 400 years since Industrial revolution in the west; MNT respects particularly its effects of giving first aid, its surgical operation and accurate checking means. Moreover, Mother Nature Taiji has done deep research and creatively applied the theories of meridians and qi change–the quintessence of traditional Chinese medicine which has protected the Chinese Nation having been on a civilized road of 5,000 years. To call Mother Nature Taijiquan Great Medicine is not an exaggeration.
What is even more important is that Mother Nature Taijiquan has a subject system. This system has both well related theories and practice methods which are clear in the categorization of levels and can be tested by practice. Mother Nature Taijiquan has established brand-new natural life science. It analyzes the nature of human life and its way of development. It guides people how to make use of our own body and consciousness healthily to turn from common health level to healthier levels. It is a branch of Great Science about life.
II. Mother Nature Taiji is Great Practice to Assiduously Aid Harmonious Society and Create Ecological Civilization
In the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chinese Central Government put forward the idea of “vigorously promoting the establishment of ecological civilization”, “fostering the conception of ecological civilization that respects nature, follows the rules of nature and protects nature”. This is the developmental direction of China and also her “big qi field”. Mother Nature Taijiquan tells people the appropriateness between action and calmness, the balance between yin and yang, the utmost goodness as the feature of water; it teaches people to be aware of the harmony among people, between humans and society, and between humans and Mother Nature. This agrees in spirit with the theme nationally promoted. Meanwhile, Mother Nature Taijiquan advocates the establishment of healthy, harmonious and civilized families. This seemingly unremarkable proposal starts from the smallest social unit (family). It is down-to-earth, far-reaching in significance, applicable and easy to promote for the construction of harmonious society and realization of ecological civilization. Therefore, I think Mother Nature Taijiquan is Great Practice having its feet realistically planted on the ground.
III. Mother Nature Is Great Health Culture
Culture is the ecological entirety that accommodates spiritual value commonly accepted and material life. It helps form community character through accumulation and guidance. The function of excellent culture is to help change or “transform” people with civilization. It gives guidance to people to fundamentally upgrade their comprehensive quality. Nevertheless, current internet, TV program, newspaper, magazines and advertisement, etc. are flooded with explosive-ish various chaotic and confusing information. There are even some vulgar “culture” gradually eroding people’s body and mind. In an environment full of confusing information, people begin to lose their self. They become even more at loss how to educate their innocent children. How can we improve our “spiritual immunity” and find the peaceful home for our heart?
Mother Nature Taiji gives guidance to people to realize the inherent value of life, through the inward-seeking method of persistent practice of Mother Nature Taijiquan, through cultivating mind and loving Mother Nature. Our material foundation is the connection of information between humans and nature and the exchange of energy between humans and nature. We can better appreciate and enjoy more the beauty of our own life after we take up life cultivation and enhancement. That is:
Qi permeates the entire body and flows smooth.
Mind is pellucid, soul pure, and wisdom fully combined with universe.
Body is relaxed, supple and strong, and beautiful naturally.
Know our own heart, know the true teaching and theories,
And say what should be said and say it really well.
See our true nature, intelligence is super,
And do goods to all around.
Our blessing, longevity, healthiness and harmonious peace bring benefit to the human world.
Mother Nature Taijiquan inherits excellent taiji culture. It makes ancient taijiquan target at physical and mental healthiness, group practice and healthy mergence into people’s daily life. In practicing Mother Nature Taijiquan, information connection and energy exchange between humans and nature are realized; people’s self-treatment and self-healing potentials are profoundly tapped; we are helped to step onto the self-awakening and free thoroughfare of human life; and human beings’ culture will be helped to leap into a more advanced stage. This is the purpose of Mother Nature Taijiquan. This purpose tells us the charming characteristic of Mother Nature Taijiquan culture. It shows that this is a Great Health Culture shouldering the responsibility of our time. To promote and spread this excellent health culture—the mission is weighty yet the Way is not far away.