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My Achievement from Learning Mother Nature Taijiquan
Beatrix Kistler from Switzerland

Aug. 23, 2012

Miss Beatrix Kistler (on the right)

I fell ill with rheumatic arthritis and the pathological changes were very serious. I could not sit normally as healthy people do. Whenever I sat down, I had to get my feet lifted up and put somewhere above the ground. After having studied and practiced Mother Nature Taijiquan for four months, I could sit normally again. Yet when I went to sleep, my legs were still in pain. When I felt too painful in my legs, I got up and practiced gongfu that I learned from Mother Nature Taijiquan. Sometimes I could feel the energy of Mother Nature coming in from top of my head and then permeating all my body. Now I feel that all my body is comfortable and blood and energy run well in it.
During this training session (from Aug. 19 to 24), I began to practice Mother Nature Taijiquan when it was already past 10 pm after I came back to my room. The room seemed to be not big enough, so I went to the bathroom to practice. When I was doing the starting form, I felt that all the top of my head was “open” in my taiji state. I was very happy and very excited. I felt something insubstantial, magical yet material from the void penetrating my entire body from top of head down to my toes. This is something I had never experienced before. I had practiced other types of taijiquan and had learned for a very long time. However, such good feeling is what I felt for the first time. It is the seemingly empty yet materially magical state that connected my whole body, from top of head to toes. In such a state, I kept practicing for over an hour. It was rather beautiful. During the one hour, I was in this state, my whole body was in this state. It was an inward feeling, very deep and beautiful. I was too happy, too excited.


Beatrix Kistler was excitedly sharing her feeling and state in practicing Mother 

Nature Taijiquan with others.


She was so excited that she choked with sobs for this beautiful feeling.


Beatrix Kistler is conscientiously learning Mother Nature Taijiquan in front of

Purple Cloud Palace on Wudang Mountains.