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Volunteer Association

You are welcome to Mother Nature Taijiquan Volunteer Association!
This association is made up of people who aspire to engage themselves in career and activities concerning social well-being and public interest and related to the promotion of Mother Nature Taijiquan. The aim of the association is exploring the secret of life science and developing Mother Nature Taijiquan health culture. We practice Mother Nature Taijiquan to better realize the communication of information and the exchange of energy between humans and Mother Nature and to further tap self-treatment and self-heal potentials in humans. We make endeavors to help human life to be physically healthy and spiritually happy and become self awakened and free, all of which will enhance human culture to leap into a more advanced stage.
If you are a person who love Mother Nature, protect our environment as well as wild lives, if you cherish life, care about health and like taijiquan, you are welcome to be a member of Mother Nature Taijiquan Volunteer Association.
If you are willing to join our association, please send you information to dzrlf@126.com. Those who are admitted after official evaluation in the guidance center will become a volunteer of Mother Nature Taijiquan.