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Mother Nature Taijiquan


Mother Nature Taijiquan is founded on  the quintessence of traditional Chinese culture, on the successive inheritance for thousands of years, and on the basis of Mr. Hu’s unique intelligence, his years of assiduous study and conscientious practice, and his creative application to meet the demand  of our times. It is composed of one entire set of taiji practice method which consists of 13 subsets of taiji practice methods. The whole set is one grand Taiji (one is many and many are also one at the level of Dao) with each subset also one entire taiji. Therefore, learners can practice it from the beginning to the end and can also practice any one of the 13 subset methods, according to how much time they have or how much time they can squeeze for the purpose of  better health. The actions are suitable for learners of all ages—children, teenagers, young people, middle-aged people and people senior in age.

The characteristic of Mother Nature Taijiquan is that it uses the secrets in health preservation, in martial arts and gongfu practice, in prevention and cure of diseases handed down in Chinese history in the easy-to-learn and simple-to-practice methods. The spiral in motion, with dantian or the “waist” as the dominator of the four limbs and the whole body, the opening-and-closing and upward-and-downward motions of primordial energy, and the practice of both internal and external qi are the most prominent features of Mother Nature Taijiquan.

According to Mr. Hao Huaimu, the successor of Wu Style Taijiquan in mainland China, “From the perspective of academic theory, Mother Nature Taijiquan emphasizes the application of the motions of opening and closing, getting out and coming in, aggregating and dispersing, and also changing of qi. It highlights the communication of information and the exchange of energy between practitioners and our Mother Nature. The whole set of Mother Nature Taijiquan is natural and coherent in actions in design; therefore, it is easy for learners to learn and convenient for popularization. These features agree with the original message in taijiquan and have grasped and also apply the major idea in it. Just as what has been stated by Mr. Sun Lutang, the founder of Sun Style Taijiquan who was praised as Sage in martial arts in modern Chinese history, in his famous book The Science of Taijiquan, ‘Taiji is one entire qi and one entire qi is taiji’, and taijiquan is ‘the Dao of extending and pulling back of one qi’. The prominent emphasis of the application of the energy of Mother Nature, i.e., the opening and closing of qi, has actually grasped the overall law of the existence and development of all creatures. This is because upward-and-downward movement, opening-and-closing, getting-out and coming-in, aggregating and dispersing movements as well as change are the five fundamental modes of qi movement in any existence, whereas opening-and-closing movement is the most fundamental among the five. Conscientious and regular practice using these ‘key notes’ will naturally reinforce metabolism and help bring new mechanism and new phase in practitioners’ body. To practice taijiquan by abiding by this opening-and-closing law, practitioners can directly reach the original realm of taiji, and fully develop in their own body the functions of health-enhancement, self-defense, getting rid of disease, mind and taste cultivation, developing intelligence and abilities, perfecting life, and entertaining themselves and others. Practitioners will achieve twice or more effects with the same or less efforts. So why not practice it?"

It is the fast developing world that brings everybody into the same boat. As it is pointed out in the Preface of Science of Mother Nature Taijiquan, “The swift development of society brings individuals into high gear. Life of everybody everyday is filled with the conception of being “fast, rapid, quick”, which brings about hastiness and impatience in mood and the general condition of sub-health in large numbers of people. Taijiquan teaches people to be congenial between action and stillness, and balanced between yin and yang. It shows people that utmost kindness is just like pure soft water. It teaches people to feel and become aware of the totality of humans and universe, to experience and become conscious of the harmony among people, between humans and society, and between humans and nature. Taijiquan requires practitioners to have proper body alignment and be well balanced in figure. It requires the state of being relaxed, peaceful and natural. It requires slow and smooth actions. It makes practitioners placid in mind and their blood and qi circulate well. Practicing taijiquan can neutralize the hasty and impatient state of mind. It can improve sub-health condition. It can also prevent and cure various kinds of diseases and prolong life.”

By purposefully “slowing down” in doing the actions in Mother Nature Taijiquan, practitioners’ physical and mental state will be adjusted and swiftly improved with the communication of information and exchange of energy with Mother Nature. Practitioners will accordingly become more efficient in study and at work with more regular daily practice. Better health and better mental state can also bring more happiness to people’s life. Personal health and happiness can then bring more harmony and happiness to people’s family. Just as what is said in Effects of Practicing Mother Nature Taijiquan, the effects of practicing Mother Nature Taijiquan are rather practical:

Get rid of troubles and pains for ourselves.

Relieve burdens for our family members.

Save medical fees and benefit whole society and the world.

Society needs harmony, and human beings need steady and healthy development. Excellent health enhancing methods like taijiquan and Mother Nature Tajiquan are needed to serve the physical and mental health of the great multitude of people.

Mr. Hu Xilong, the Founder of Mother Nature Taijiquan, has said that “Mother Nature Taiji proclaims that we go on with our practice of taiji, cultivation of our mind, and love of Mother Nature. We set good examples with our healthy, harmonious and civilized families. We will be people able to benefit society and the world with the good examples of our super physical and mental health.”

The Pithy Summary of Mother Nature Taijiquan tells us the standard to evaluate how well we practice Mother Nature Taijiquan:

Qi permeating the entire body and flowing smooth.

Mind pellucid and soul pure; wisdom fully combined with universe.

Body relaxed, supple, strong and naturally beautiful.

Knowing heart, knowing true teaching, both method and theory,

And saying what should be said and talking wisely and well.

Seeing nature, with intelligence above normal level, and doing goods to all around.

Our blessing, longevity, healthiness and harmonious peace benefit the human world.

The entire set of Mother Nature Taijiquan aims at tapping the potentials of self treatment and self heal in practitioners. In addition to the practice method, there are also Five-Step Standing Postures to help practice taiji gongfu. There is a very important Relaxing Mingmen Method to help practice taiji internal gongfu. In Master Hu’s Science of Mother Nature Taijiquan, readers can find very rich content: Mother Nature Taijiquan, Mother Nature Taijiquan Five-Step Standing Postures and five other important standing postures, Mother Nature Taijiquan Relaxing Mingmen Methods, 13 Methods in Mother Nature Taijiquan of Practicing Qi , Pronunciation Methods to Improve Health of Five Internal Organs, Methods of Mobilizing Circulation of Vital Energy, Methods of Making Qi in Qi Channels of Membranes Fully Connected, Methods of Turning Taiji Ball with Supple Body, Massaging Taiji Ball in Opening and Closing, Methods of Breathing, Methods of Relaxing, Mind Cultivation, Morality Consciousness Cultivation, Cultivation of the Golden Mean, Cultivation of Taste, Cultivation of Ridding Prejudices, Cultivation of Establishing Grand SELF, Cultivation from Purposeful Actions to Purposeless Doings, Cultivation in Daily Life, Cultivation  As the Foundation of Gongfu Practice, Thirteen Taiji Experts and Their Illustrations of Taiji Gongfu.

The following includes great help for getting benefits from Mother Nature Taijiquan practice:

Pithy Formula of Self Treatment and Self Cure:

Orient mental activity to kindness and

Let every mental activity be great and good.                                   

Rationally perceives one’s own mental activities.

Let positive ideas take the place of any opposite ones.

Wisdom is born when mental activities are regular in motion.

Adjust mental activity to mobilize qi and

Diseases are gone when mental activities are clean.

Cultivate mental activities and refine ME.

Taiji is efficacious and miraculous.

Features of Mother Nature Taijiquan:

Self treatment, self heal, self defense.

Easy to learn, teaching with three means:

Physical instruction approach,

Oral imparting approach,

Mind imparting approach.

Spiral movement,

Opening and closing motion to gather qi.

Stretch and smooth vital energy meridians.

Mobilize yin qi and yang qi.

Get through major qi passes and acupoints.

Calm down practitioners’ spirit and enhance their essence.

Make waist “flexible” (and bones in our spine connected in a particular gongfu way).

Make tendons pliable and tough.

Strengthen bones and increase force.

Practice both internal and external qi.

Guard diantian (three areas in the human body where qi aggregates) with mind.

Adjust qi in three ways: physical instruction, oral instruction, pure mental instruction.

Assiduously practice internal gongfu.

Enhance physical and mental constitution.

Develop potentials.

Prevent and cure diseases.

Prolong life.

Cultivate mental activity.

Nurture best moral quality.

Song of Mother Nature Taijiquan (Lyrics)

Wake up the forest wind,

Take down the clouds in the sky.

Nurture essence, qi and mind,

Without worries and full of ease.

Truthfulness, kindness and beautifulness—key notes of human life.

Why bother with fame and fortune, things that burden the heart?

Be self-confident that living into one hundred is as mighty as the sky’s movement.

Fresh wind and bright moon accompany the timely rain.

Sweep off dirt and dust.

Worries are gone and the heart feels at ease.

In yin and yang is aggregated Great Dao.

Dawn and dusk are screened by the Sun and the Moon.

Scenes change and stars in voyage,

While I keep my wholesomeness.

I am active and calm and adaptable to spring and autumn.

Keeping mountains, rivers, lakes and seas in my embrace,

I attain the natural realm of taiji in my practice.

Looking back, I find no winter and spring.

Horizons are broadened and skies deepening.

Nature is closer as I am calmer,

Between heaven and earth I tower, bright and taller.

Truthfulness, kindness and beautifulness—key notes of human life.

Why bother with fame and fortune, things that burden the heart?

Be self-confident that living into one hundred is as mighty as the sky’s movement.

Fresh wind and bright moon accompanies the timely rain.

Scenes change and stars in voyage,

While I keep my wholesomeness.

I am active and calm and adaptable to spring and autumn.

Keeping mountains, rivers, lakes and seas in my embrace,

I attain the natural realm of taiji in my practice.