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Introduction of the Company

Beijing Hu Xilong Taijiquan Culture Company Ltd. was established on Nov. 10, 2008. The company is dedicated to the development of Chinese taiji culture and to the promotion and popularization of Mother Nature Taijiquan. Our company advocates health-enhancing sport that returns to the embrace of Mother Nature and helps improve human healthy, happy and wise intelligence and abilities that are inherent in human life.
Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center was established on Feb. 17, 2012. Administration of Sports of Shunyi District in Beijing is in charge of it. The company is a private non-profiting-making company registered in Bureau of Civil Affairs of Shunyi District in Beijing. Official identities of the company also include China Mother Nature Therapy Research Institute and Beijing Branch of Wudang Mountain Martial Art Association.
This Taijiquan Culture Company and Guidance Center vigorously develop Chinese taiji culture to meet modern people’s demands in good health. It promotes taijiquan to serve both China and the world. Mother Nature Taijiquan Culture proclaims that Mother Nature Taijiquan practitioners should love Mother Nature, protect our environment and also wild animals, that practitioners keep practicing Mother Nature Taijiquan and cultivating mind, and fans of Mother Nature Taijiquan should be good examples of healthy, happy and civilized family members helping their own families to be healthy, happy and civilized ones, and that every enthusiast who practices Mother Nature Taijiquan conscientiously becomes a person whose physical and mental healthiness can be socially beneficial. This proclamation has already drawn many people’s attention and participation in China.
Mother Nature Taijiquan can help develop in practitioners the self-treatment and self-healing potentials to prevent and cure various diseases, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, malignant tumor, and chronic pulmonary disorder. It can help improve people’s sub-health condition caused by fast pace of development. It can help people having sedentary life style to take a turn for a more healthy style of living by regularly practicing Mother Nature Taijiquan, a practice measured in motion yet efficient in health enhancement effect.
Society needs harmony, and human beings need stable healthy development as well as excellent health enhancing methods such as taijiquan that can serve the physical and mental health of the great multitude of people. In the movement both slow and dynamic, in better balance between yin and yang, practitioners can get deep revelation of human life when they can sense the oneness between humans and nature and they will understand more about the importance of harmony among humans and between humans and society.
Now Taijiquan has already spread out of China with the support of Chinese government and many world friends are practicing taijiquan. Practicing taijiquan has already become a fashion of our time. What taijiquan advocates is that "harmony is prized and precious" and it helps realize the idea of coordination in oneself and harmony with others. It fundamentally changes the tendency of “the powerful bullying the weak” and rids the fighting mood so as to reach the realm of humans and universe in oneness. The special and profound charm of taijiquan is quietly influencing the world and it will serve the health of all human beings. This is also the new historic mission of taijiquan. With the coming of the new age of taiji, taijiquan will make more contributions to human beings’ health and to the reinforcement of friendship among people in the world.

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