Taiji as a term was first mentioned by Confucius, the great educator and thinker in Chinese history, in his book Yi Zhuan (On The Book of Changes). He said, "In yi (referring to Dao or Tao that brings all changes) is born taiji (the primal energy of the universe). Then from taiji are born liang yi (i.e., yin and yang). In liang yi are born si xiang (four images of qi called tai yin, tai yang, shao yin and shao yang), and in the four images are born the eight trigrams." Taiji is closely connected with yi, with Confucianism, Daoism and traditional Chinese medicine. It is the root upon which the big tree of the Chinese nation’s culture grows. It is the living source of the culture of the world.

Taijiquan born from taiji culture that has thousands of years of continuous history is a very good self-defense and health-enhancing exercise method. It already has a history of more than a thousand years. A brilliant exposition of taijiquan was once given by Premier Zhou Enlai, the first premier of the People’s Republic of China, when he met with Matsumura Kenzō : "Taiji (which refers to taijiquan here) as a component of excellent traditional Chinese culture is very rich in content and full of philosophical revelations. It has blood relation with traditional Chinese medicine. Learning as well as practicing taiji is a very good health-enhancing sport. It can reinforce health, help to defend body and cultivate mind. Taiji is an enjoyment of beauty. It can also bring endless taste and happiness to people’s life. Taiji can prolong life."

The conception of Mother Nature Taijiquan is loving Mother Nature, protecting the environment and wild animals, cherishing life, caring about health and being fond of traditional Chinese culture and taijiquan. Mother Nature Taiji inherits brilliant taiji culture and strives to bring in new elements. This enables taiji with a very long history to bring health to even greater number of people in their daily-life practice: Taiji is now essentially practiced for better health instead of fighting against opponents, on large scale instead of merely individually. It can now be also combined with people’s daily life in addition to regular practice at a particular time and in a particular place. Mother Nature Taijiquan is easy to learn and convenient to practice. It can make humans better connected in information with nature and better able to exchange energy with nature. Mother Nature Taiji profoundly develops potentials of self therapy and self heal in humans to achieve the goal of rehabilitation and health enhancement. More


The founder of Mother Nature Taijiquan is Mr. Hu Xilong, a magical Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and famous psychologist. We can know Mr. Hu better by reading his author’s preface to his book Science of Mother Nature Taijiquan.


I have been fascinated with martial arts ever since my childhood and began to learn healing art, health preservation and life cultivation, taiji and qigong from Mr. Pang Ming since my twenties. My teacher is a grand master of Chinese classical culture, a great educator and a magical doctor having attained amazing achievements in Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Medicine and Martial Arts. He has published over several dozens of books written in more than 6 million Chinese characters. Over the years, I have been keeping practicing under the guidance of my teacher and have gained particular experiences and achievements in such different aspects as medicine, health preservation, life cultivation and taiji gongfu. I always think about and immerse myself in what I have learned from Mr. Pang and create Mother Nature Taijiquan in accordance with laws of life in the human body and in integration with my practice and experience in health preservation and life cultivation.

Mother Nature Taijiquan practices both internal and external qi. Its actions are both soft and powerful, allowing better interaction of the void (qi) and the substantial (form or human body). It focuses on the upward and downward movement, opening and closing movement, and spiral movement to mobilize qi and blood in the human body and to make vital energy meridians fully connected and smoothly flow. It starts the functions of acupoints in the entire human body and stimulates and develops practitioners’ potentials. The whole set of taijiquan is simple in design and easy to learn, and suitable for both old and young learners.

Taijiquan has already been adopted by State Physical Culture Administration as one of the excellent health enhancing methods for Nationwide Fitness Program in China, and the number of people who love and practice taijiquan keeps increasing. With the care and support of departments concerned, taijiquan has already spread out of China and is accepted by many world friends. It has become an excellent culture and a health enhancing method respected and valued by all humankind.

During the birthing process of Mother Nature Taijiquan, great concern and support were given to me by my first taijiquan teacher, Mr. Hao Huaimu, the successor of Wu Style Taijiquan. Mr. Hao was once both Head of Social Affairs Department and Head of Qigong Department in China Administrative Center of Martial Arts. His taiji gongfu is already ranked among the highest level. Mr. Hao has made significant contributions to the promotion and development of the cause of martial arts and qigong in China.

Here I give my wholehearted thankfulness to my teacher for his years of guidance and training of me!

Hu Xilong

Nov. 10, 2011


(Adopted from Science of Mother Nature Taijiquan)


On August 18th, 2013, The Second International Health Preservation Forum of Mother Nature Taijiquan Culture was held in the Wudang Mountains, Hubei Province. There were more than 260 people from over 20 countries who participated in the forum. During the opening ceremony, more than 50 participants from China, UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands gave a fantastic taijiquan performance, which greatly impressed the audience.
Local government officials gave lectures and international taijiquan lovers gave presentations of their theses during the forum. They not only showed their commitment and passion to inherit Chinese taiji culture and promote Mother Nature Taijiquan, but also expressed their love for nature and their feeling of being desirous of returning to Mother Nature.
In the next four days, the forum took place in Zi Xiao Palace and conference halls in hotels in the Wudang Mountains. There were around 170 learners who attended lectures given by Mr. Hu Xilong, the founder of Mother Nature Taijiquan. They also participated in taijiquan trainings given by coaches.
From their happy faces and energetic taiji practice, appreciation and positive feedback from the representatives to the forum was obvious. This international gathering not only improved learners’taiji kongfu, but also promoted cultural exchange between China and other countries. Mother Nature Taijquan was presented onto an international stage.

The mainstream media in China, including CCTV-4, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily, reported the forum.


Good environment is an important part in people’s life. There is both internal and external environment that are interconnected according to Mother Nature Taijiquan. External environment is our surroundings, while internal environment is our own body and mind. People now gradually realize that we should not only protect our external environment and keep the sky blue, the water clean and the air fresh, but we should also protect our internal environment by using positive and resource-saving methods to prevent and cure diseases or to improve our physical and mental health condition so as to ensure efficiency at work and in study, and happiness and healthiness in life. Mother Nature Taijiquan is one of such methods that emphasizes the communication of information and exchange of energy between the external environment (our surroundings and the universe) and the internal environment (our mind and body) and is now manifesting its miraculous self-treatment and self-heal effects in regular daily practice among more and more practitioners both in China and the world.

Coach Zhu Wanfeng, as one of the enthusiastic Mother Nature Taijiquan coaches who are interested in sharing the gem with the world, is now in Europe, promoting and popularizing Mother Nature Taijiquan among the European people. He has already been to different cities in Germany and Holland so far and will also go to other countries and cities to share Mother Nature Taijiquan with even more people. Learners who practice Mother Nature Taijiquan with him are satisfied with the amazing self-heal effect by practicing this easy-to-learn and convenient-to-practice health-enhancing method.


To meet the demands of learners all over China and the world, Mother Nature Taijiquan has established three training bases respectively in Guilin, Qiandaohu and Huangshan Mountain in China.
The headquarters of Mother Nature Taijiquan is located at the foot of Huangshan Mountain, the world-renowned tourist resort. With a background of mountains covered with prosperous trees, two rivers merged and winding in front of it, and an old village with its origin traced back to the Tang dynasty on its right, the headquarters towers above the ground—imposing and magnificent, in a style both antiquely simple and exquisite. The residence of the headquarters is a group of ancient buildings (built in 1447) with a history of more than 500 years and a floorage of 1324.36 square meters.

This group of ancient buildings consists of three rows of houses. The first row is the hallway; the second is the living room; and the third is the bed-room. On the construction part over the front gate, on the architrave, the house beam, the frame of window, the supporting part between beam and column, on the diagonal bracing and the lowest part of dougong bracket are decorated figures and stories, prized birds and flowers and so on, meticulously and skillfully carved by ancient craftsmen. In the houses woodcarving, brick carving and stone carving can also be found. This is a place full of beautiful natural sceneries and rich humanistic atmosphere. It is the super choice for health preservation and mind cultivation.


Beijing Hu Xilong Taijiquan Culture Company Ltd. was established on Nov. 10, 2008. The company is dedicated to the development of Chinese taiji culture and to the promotion and popularization of Mother Nature Taijiquan. Our company advocates health-enhancing sport that returns to the embrace of Mother Nature and helps improve human healthy, happy and wise intelligence and abilities that are inherent in human life.

Mother Nature Taijiquan Guidance Center was established on Feb. 17, 2012. Administration of Sports of Shunyi District in Beijing is in charge of it. The company is a private non-profiting-making company registered in Bureau of Civil Affairs of Shunyi District in Beijing. Official identities of the company also include China Mother Nature Therapy Research Institute and Beijing Branch of Wudang Mountain Martial Art Association. More